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Thermographic Measurement Solution

A Non-contact Measurement Solution based on AI – Face capture, suitablefor crowd temperature screening (30 peoplemax)

Single point Applications

Smart AI -NVR


  • AI thermal camera measures temperature
  • AI-NVR Recognizes Faceand
  • Captures / Displays Face and Temperature
  • NVR supports up to 4 x 3212HD Cameras


Single Site implementation –Checkpoint

Medium & Large Scale Applications

Differentiators –System Topology

  • Media Distribution Server
  • Intelligent Analysis Server
  • Central ManagementServer

Distributed Architecture

  • Centralized management, does not require operators deployed at every station
  • Distributed deployment allows for scalable solutions in a networked environment
  • Scalable, Suitable for medium to large projects
  • 6 years in development and AI integration
  • Leading sensor technology for bi-spectrum camera
  • CMS platform offered at no additional cost to customers
  • CMS platform incorporates additional features such as face search, temperature history chart,etc.

Bi-Spectral Camera -3212HD

  • Temperature measurement accuracy ≤ 0.3℃ or ≤0.54o
  • Process up to 30targets at the sametime
  • Temperature measurement response time ≤30ms
  • Best distance for measurement: 10-15ft(3-4m)

Real Time Reference / Calibration

  • Blackbody is a standard temperature source used for temperature reference
  • Temperature measurements, are greatly affected by environmental factors
  • AI Face algorithm references blackbody constant temperature 104oF (40oC) and calibrates measurements in realtime.